Different Types Of School Supplies

Different Types Of School Supplies

Stationary is a very important role in every student life. All school supplies are available in the school canteen, shopping malls and bookshops. School Stationery includes the following: uniforms, school bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, pencils, rubbers, Sharpener, rulers, books, notebooks, whiteboards, board markers, pouch, colour boxes, pens, inkpots, school diaries, calculators and more.

School Bags

It is very important to select the strongest bags for your children. School bags are very important for students these days since they have so many weighty books and school essentials to carry every day. There are many types of school bags includes school-going bags, college-going bags, and girls’ bags. Girls’ have small and lightweight bags. Always choose branded bags because you can easily carry them.
School Bags

Geometry Boxes

When your child is in school or college he always has to write and he needs things to write like a pencil, pens, high lighters, gel pens, sketch pens, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, etc. and you will also need a pencil box to collect these items.
Geometry Boxes

Pencil: The Pencil (graphite pencil) is made up of lead and covered with wood. The standard length of a pencil is 18cm and the weight is 6-7 grams.

The commercial for the sale of pencils can be found in the paper "Pennsylvania Gazette" published by Benjamin Franklin in the 17th century.

It is mainly used for sketching and drawing, stenography or notes. Whatever you write with a pencil, you can easily erase it with the help of an Eraser. Pencil is a basic requirement for school going students.

Eraser: Eraser is used to remove mistakes made on paper, you will find this eraser rubber in various shapes, sizes and colors, some of which are attached to the ends of rubber pencils and you will find all these erasers at a very low price at any stationery store. This eraser was first invented to eliminate errors made with pencils and later color pencils and ink cleaners were introduced.

Sharpener: In addition to using a pencil, you must have a sharpener because the pencil sharpener is used to sharpen the writing point of your pencil by shaving its worn surface. These pencil-sharpening tools can be operated manually or by an electric motor. Most sharpeners have a casing around them in which pencil waste accumulates and you can easily remove it to empty the trash.

Ruler/Scale: The size of this ruler is 30.9 long and its width is 3.2 cm. There are many types of scales, including the plastic scale, the iron scale, the wooden scale. It helps a lot in measuring. Students usually use it in drawing. This is a very useful device for secondary students.
Ruler - Scale

Colours and Colouring Pencils

You will also need colours and colored pencils for your child, as colored pencils help your child to hold and write a normal pencil and colored pencils attract your child and children love to color in drawings.

You will see different types of colors including plastic crayons, wax crayons, oil pastels, poster colours, watercolors, acrylic paints, marker colours etc. which you can easily use in drawing or painting. When buying colors, you should also choose some drawing books for your child, which contain a variety of vegetables, fruits and cartoons etc., in which children are very happy of filling in coloring.
Colouring Pencils


Books are human being best friend and they play an important role in your life, there are different types of books like reading books, storybooks and history books as well as books of stories and poems for children that children are passionate about reading and enjoy reading.

In addition to children's textbooks, find books that suit you and your children's tastes and interests so that you can read them and get as much information as possible.


A Notebook, also called a writing pad, notepad, drawing pad, is a book or a collection of many papers that most people use as notes or memorabilia, in addition to writing, drawing or scrapbooking, you can also use it for such purposes.

School or college students use different types of notebooks to make notes, in which they keep notes of their daily activities. There are many types of notebooks used for school work including single line, double line, four-line, square grid line etc.


Just like a pencil, you will need a pen to use in school or college because the pen is a writing tool that is usually used for writing or drawing on paper.

In the early days, you had to write with a little ink on the nib of the pen, which had to be recharged from time to time by dipping the tip of the pen into the ink well, but now ballpoint pens, fountain pens and felt or ceramic tip pens.

Lunch Boxes

Make it a must-have lunch box for your toddler because school is so long, so the children eat their lunch brought from home during the break and eating healthy food prepared at home keeps them healthy. The children are happy to take the lunch box with them and the parents are also satisfied.
Lunch Boxes

Water Bottles

Children love their personal water bottle and can easily use it in school, camp, sports, outings, a car rides and more.

Water bottles are made of steel and plastic in which the water stays cold or hot for a long time and you should always use a bottle of good material so that it is useful for you.

Children do not become dehydrated by drinking water from time to time in the classroom and parents are also satisfied that their child is drinking healthy water. Choose straw water bottles for toddlers because these bottles open the lid with a button and your child can easily close the lid by drinking straw water.
Water Bottles

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